The Outlook client, coming with the Office 365 Click To Run (C2R), is now providing notification when a known issue has been detected.

I got this notification with the Office 365 Click To Run 1901 build 11220.20008 (or version 16.0.11220.20000)


The ‘title’ of the issue is a clickable element which then open the related Microsoft KB article or the Office updates details page.

This is something which is going to probably made the IT support team life a little bit easier while raising some awareness to end-users.

If you click on the Accept button, the notification gives you additional details (when applicable) about the issue and how to fix it – in this case updating to the latest build should solve the issue.


Once the action to fix the issue has been completed, a new notification appears to ask if the issue has been indeed fixed or not. You may have to keep this notification open while validating.


If you click No, additional logs are getting captured to help better troubleshooting.

Otherwise, when you click Yes, that’s it; all done Smile

I’m not sure/don’t know if this applies also for other Office applications.